Artboard 12

Abel Jallais

To create and made objects is not an ordinary act. Why should we add another in a saturated world? To wonder the uselessness of an object together with its potential is, for Abel Jallais, a way to get closer to the shape. We see the objects through their functions. If we get confuse about their utility, we can interact with the shape. Primitive apprehension.

To rotate around, to search, to consider carefully. This search for meaning becomes a springboard to imagination.The object becomes plural, mobile while the shape remains inert. The urge to grip the object obliges to understand the shape. The shapes that the artist draws must at the same time remain and left the field of the functionality. To be positioned between the two is the key to the next no-understanding. The deliberate ambiguity between an archaic and industrial aesthetic enhance the urge to understand the object while making it impossible to locate and date from.