Artboard 12

Agathe Brahami-Ferron

While studying in Beaux-Arts de Paris, Agathe Brahami-Ferron used to paint portraits of lonely persons, lost in their thoughts, in state of contemplation. The need of volume, link to space and physical relation to characters brings her to enameled ceramics sculptures. Painting and ceramic hybridize through the enameling.

At the beach, in the subway or in the street, the artist watches the people carefully. She is looking for a singular state, the moment when we’re are lost in our thoughts, like disconnected from the world around us. At this very moment, we show ourselves as we really are without any borders, any play, any tricks.Agathe Brahami-Ferron recreates this state trough the full-scale body in enameled clay.The full scale and the painting work generate an identification, a hand-to-hand with the viewer.

The sociological dimension of the works enables the identification. The artist seeks to shape different social groups. The bodies are imperfect, loosened, free from any public representation. Even the straight faces spread a weird feeling, between presence and absence, between realism and surrealism.

Julie Crenn