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Albert Pepermans

Albert Pepermans (1947) is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Brussels. His work is now exhibited all over the world, from Zurich to New York via Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

A trained graphic designer, Albert Pepermans draws his inspiration from the symbols of 50s and 60s American culture.

Pop Art, American cinema, comics and rock and roll are just some of the elements that marked his youth and influence his work.


Creativity is not enough, you must work to achieve a quality result.

His international success began in the 1980s with creations that used mixed methods and Rock & Roll content. He gave performances in Brussels, Paris, New York and at the Berlin Wall.

Today, La peau de l’ours has decided to present you his Art on Paper creations, which are part of series, each organized around a theme. Here, the artist uses only paint, printing ink and paper, diluting pop icons into abstract forms.

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