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Antoine Goudard

Laboratory of identities — Borrowing the aesthetic codes inherited from the pop culture and the ancient civilizations’ rites, Antoine Goudard, a young Swiss-based artist, is fascinated by the questions of sublimation, bodies and identity. Silver drawings, gold leaf series, or dyed in the mass leather collages. His works, with a minimal aesthetic, catch our attention on primary elements like materials, shapes, colors, lines. Like his Who’s Who serie (2017), in which we can guess a variable geometric structure: points become eyes, the angular line, a nose and the circle, the outline of a transfigured face. Through the controlled technics, such as embossing, and the luxurious materials, such as the gold leaf, the artist isolates, removes, reveals and sublimates the bodies imperfections in two-dimensional compositions, at the limits of abstraction. In a visual and plastic vocabulary that you can link to him, he plays with both luxury codes and the medical world in an anthropological approach, and makes us interpret the beings in an other way. With delicacy and incredible rigor, Antoine Goudard completely reinvents the approach and the representations of bodies in the contemporary creation.