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Painter Visual Artist

Benjamin Ottoz

Benjamin Ottoz uses as his medium the paper that he sculpts, crumples and shapes in a physical confrontation. He sprays it with paint, sprinkles it with water, compresses it and repeats the process until the creative accident occurs. Sculpture, painting, even photography, the artist uses different techniques, follows different paths in his work.

Horace Walpole (1754) defined Serendipity as making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things we were not in quest of. The title of the project “Serendipity” explores this space that research attributes to chance. This both incidental and researched moment where the paint crystallizes the indelible mark left on the paper.  The creative opportunity is right at the heart of the artist’s approach.

Drapes, landscapes, trompe-l’oeils are as many references to art history and particularly to painting. His work leads to a passionate crossroads of several techniques where colour gradients slide over the paper while blacks and whites lock it in an organic substance.

Benjamin Ottoz’s work explores this place situated “between”, at the borders, moving the spectator’s perspective and prompting them to look for other interpretations.