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Dorothée Louise Recker

About the work of Dorothée Louise Recker, we could totally say it is, for the most part, pictural, that it develops a language connected to a certain idea of nuance. In her different compositions, it’s true we can find plastic wefts, which give an undivided and misty dimension, as if they were marked by a sort of visual indetermination.

That’s what you can see in the grainy textured compositions, but also in the gradations that sometimes seem airy and sometimes more muffled. The colored stretches, dotted with grains of sand, are rough ; their volume reminds us the sandpaper, but vertically, giving itself to a frontal view, investing, at the same time, a sometimes sizable format. They give us the feeling of a fusion between surface and depth, as if the close and the distant were indivisible. 

Julien Verhaeghe 

Critic and independent curator

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