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Textil Artist

Elise Peroi

Elise Péroi (1990) is a French artist who lives and works in Brussels. She softly weaves the sensitive substances of the world trough spaces where she installs her works.

Her works are like paintings and weaved walls that mix two worlds out of which emerges a vibrating effect obtained by the mix of hand-painted silk, materials and natural fibers, and by drawing on the strong link between weaving and architecture. Her work moves towards the creation of moving structure which allow to obtain space in the textile but also another way of looking by playing on transparence and shadow.

Her works are like paintings and weaved walls

The artist questions the status of the weaved artwork and revisit the weaving machine as supporting structure. Elise Péroi creates installations that switch between plenty and emptiness. She gets closer to the textile material by looking at it like a living entity she can interact with. These interactions often become rituals where feelings and knowledge emerge, that the artist conveys with poetry in her creations and installations at the crossroad of disciplines.