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Visual artist

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas’ current practice explores the definition and distortion of space through sculptural painting. The artist uses structures and sharp contrasting colours to represent the spaces, shapes, and lines of geometry that she has captured in her own photographs of architecture in and around London.

The process of walking as research, to take new photographs and discover new places, is the underlying foundation of the work’s creation. Sense of place is key, as thematic architectural elements that are unique within their particular environments, are developed and used to recreate scenes and atmospheres through representative abstraction.

In her painting, the artist consciously chooses to emphasise the colours found in her photographs. Contrasting bright colour is a defining component of Emily Thomas’ artistic practice. It asserts the visual impact, which for her is important in creating an artwork that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as conceptually intriguing.

This is what Emily Thomas aims to achieve in her work, while continuing to push the boundaries between painting and sculpture.


Emily Thomas’ artworks

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