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Visual artist

Gwendoline Perrigueux

Acidic revelations – In the works of Gwendoline Perrigueux there is a love for duality. In concrete, sequins, steel, leather, with ambiguous forms, the reflection and the doubt of the observer. Minimal sculptures and videos are the favoured playing fields for this young Parisian artist. She conceives and creates seductive forms that are no less charged with meaning and that reveal an attitude (LASCIVES, 2017), an interaction with the other (TEMPS D’ARRÊT, 2016) or a game of seduction where the rules and the limits are already fixed (DUOS, 2016 / SANS LES MAINS, 2016).

It is in these joyful contradictory associations that Gwendoline Perrigueux questions our relationship with the banal and the common. She overturns our habits with a flash of artifice, pop and acidic colours, by re-injecting into her creations what we thought we had lost: happiness and pleasure.

Elodie Bernard