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Visual artist

Jonathan Bréchignac

The work of Jonathan Bréchignac seeks to highlight the meeting points between nature, science and visual arts. His interdisciplinary practice – installation, sculpture, painting – takes as a starting point the observation of surprising natural phenomena: rare minerals, moving stones, iridescent beetles, bio-luminescent algae, dew droplets, conversion of water into ice. Their functioning seems to keep a deeply enigmatic character despite the detailed explanations found by science.

Jonathan Bréchignac explores this discrepancy, through the development of processes inspired by scientific mechanisms. Mirroring the way science always departs from nature (such as the research on bioluminescence inspired by fireflies), he uses technology as tool to cast light on the captivating elements of the environment. The resulting works act as an ecosystem, where each part dialogues with the rest. His practice offers a singular look at the capacity of art to grasp the indefinable, and the way in which nature fascinates the human mind. Jonathan Bréchignac was born in Provence. He is a graduate of the École de Recherche Graphique (Brussels) and Saint Exupéry (Marseille). He lives and works in Paris.