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Visual artist

Julia Gault

My practice is mainly focused on sculpture and installation. I am fascinated by man’s need to build higher and higher, to control the matter, to make shapes intended to be perennial in an ambition of power and eternity. This act opposing gravity, and more broadly, the forces of nature which are only movement, transformation, fluidity, infinite passage from form to informality, fascinates me.

I am particularly interested in the moment when this nature, paradoxically fragile and ferocious, comes to harm these constructions. This tension is at the heart of my practice. Most of the time, my pieces are held in a precarious balance where everything can fall apart. Very ofte I create antinomic relationships between the materials, which causes the fall and the disintegration of the forms as they go along. I create pieces massive pieces  with shaky foundations, based on vain gestures for vain forms.