Artboard 12

Julie Susset

Tropical escape – In a recognisable palette of bright colours and dominated by greens, Julie Susset superposes and creates a dialogue of memories of nature that she invents. Parks, tropical greenhouses, trees along the roads are many of the scenes of nature that are constructed and ordered by Mankind and which the young painter makes use of.

Painting took hold of Julie Susset like a necessity. Self-taught, she started over painting while she was in Paris and in these representations of vegetation she found new breath. A need to escape, a need to return to simple things, which allows us to glimpse the anxiety-provoking aspect that very large cities can have on artistic creation. In the all over coverage where the paint gushes, runs and spreads, it is a question of the material, colour and particularly the gestures. In a broad freedom offered by the medium of painting, Julie addresses the fantasies, the manner in which our imagination constructs these and at times saturates this idealisation.

Elodie Bernard