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Visual artist

Marian Luft

Marian Luft (1983, Leipzig) is part of a brand new generation of artists, the so-called digital natives, that not only create a new kind of art but are also about to revolutionize how art will be consumed in the close future.

New gallery concepts, virtual exhibitions, art collectives with gang attitude, all these phenomenons start to tickle the interest of the “Institutional” art world, and slowly but surely the Post-Internet Art finds its way into museums, biennials and art galleries.

Marian Luft doesn’t limit himself to one medium, no, he uses them all. Painting, video, sculpture, body art, performance, installation, anything goes… and anything works!

He brings randomness – that we all know from Pollock’s drippings for example – to a new level, creating powerful visuals using his impressive archive made of Tumblr PNG’s.

His videos are a mix of, beauty podcasts, youporn and al jazeera, in a millisecond you switch back and forth from excitement to disgust, an overload that leads to a kind of phantasy lobotomy.

Behind this glitter bling bling explosion of colors and logos you might understand the fears and doubts of those who grow up in the void of digital data.

Technically, Marian Luft’s work is – least to say – impressive. The craftsmanship and finishing of his artworks is of the highest quality, and this makes his art even more intriguing. Marian Luft literally serves the WTF attitude on a silver platter. Just take a walk through the Museum der bildenden Künste in Leipzig and admire his artworks that are exhibited among great painting masters of the last centuries and you will realize that this is not a trend.

Marian Luft is an artist that feels the pulse of time and communicates it through bold and powerful artworks…


Stefan Pollak