Artboard 12

Mariano Angelotti

At first, we could think of a simple naturalistic painting, an index of flowers observed, collected, photographed by the artist and then paintedin the studio. But when we look closer, a small part of the painting seems to sparkle. In this colors flincker, a space of daydream is drawn in the heart of the painting. There is always a little magic in the paintings of Mariano Angelotti. And magic is indeed the topics. He gives to these unseen spaces, these pieces of nature slipped in the interstices of a humanized world, ef- fects that seem irrational to us. In his paintings, Mariano Angelotti does not try to reproduce the real, but rather to share the sensation of what he looks at, of what he perceives. He mixes arti- ficial colors and traditional gesture. The yellows are glowing, the blues are sharp or stormy, the oranges are discreet, the greens acid or lush. For Mariano Angelotti, «the painting is completely fake, this is not a real, there is a kind of enjoyment impossibility in the painting, representing the reality. Perhaps the only point of contact with the reality would be the shadow. In his painting, Mariano makes the forms spring of the shadow.