Artboard 12

Marie Dupuis

Marie Dupuis (Le Creusot 1992) lives and works in Paris. Graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris, she produces with poetry and sometimes squeaky humour, a set of paintings and drawings, often absurd and mysterious, like metaphors.

To nourish her inspiration, she draws from reality without hierarchy. It can be a conversation overheard on a bus, a feeling, a pun or a current event.


Insatiable of the news, she digests all these elements drawn from reality to play, distort, transform and divert them. She creates kind of collages by associating these elements with, with artistic winks, mental images and elements designed by his imagination.

The latter usually include recurring symbols such as hybrid bulb-headed characters or bicycles. The pictorial technique allows her to play even more and blur the lines with elements painted and drawn.