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Olivia Descampe

Olivia Descampe is an artist of matter and intuition. Her process explores the various techniques of the art of collage and decollage.

Starting late in an artistic practice that saw no echo in an education in interior architecture and product design, she rapidly reconnected with her initial passion and her great curiosity for art, assisted by the light-filled teachings provided by her family surroundings.

Everything started in Berlin with the discovery of an old collection of post cards.

The artist, whose creativity sought a means of expression in manual activities, began by cutting, assembling, composing, gluing and thus creating a multitude of reconfigurations on the basis of these innumerable images of the past, forgotten by everyone.

Guided by her instinct, Olivia rapidly developed great productivity, realising more than two thousand compositions in the space of only two years of activity. 

The long research work surrounding the image, free of any narrative influence or desire, led her to concentrate on truly distinct elements: colours, textures, themes… The methodology, the discipline and the organisation of her process allow her to experiment constantly on the various methods of collage and decollage, working and producing with great rapidity.

This results in the graphic dance between chance and intuition. Ultimately this results in a body of work organised in series, all different from each other, such as Stolen Moments or Out of Time which, despite the difficulties connected with the restrictions of this procedure of decollage that is almost surgical, finally give a vivid rendition which the artist summarises in these terms:

Erasing the image allows me to give it a new life...

Images of other times in which forgotten moments resound in the depths of each of us.