Artboard 12

Rejean Peytavin

Tradūcĕre. Trans-dūcō. Leading through. To carry from one language to another. To translate… Going back to the Latin roots of this verb evokes the principle of sliding from one state to another, the need to keep its integrity while changing its form. At the end of the process, the result has no apparent similarity with the original representation. And yet the meaning remains unchanged, or almost.

For the series Traduslation, Réjean Peytavin borrows from this process this effect of sliding from one signifier to another, from one plastic language to another. His referent is a series of ceramics observed in various museums for which the artist expressed interest in the most subjective way possible. A relationship of form, an intriguing colour, an intriguing origin, …There is no objective explanation for the dialogue between Réjean Peytavin and the selected ceramics. The selection is only done by an invisible link between the artist and the evocative power of these pieces.