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Vincent Vanden Bogaard

It’s between my train and her appointments that I finally get Clemence on the phone. To be honest after a few misunderstandings, meeting at the Midi station at 10am would have been impossible! The show is coming up soon and we don’t have time to reschedule a meeting. To type our messages on the phone may seem impersonal, but the times we live in don’t marginalize me too much: in the station, everyone seems to be glued to their screens. A few minutes to settle down at a little table with my espresso. The waltz of fingers on keypad can start! That’s how you interview someone by talking to them on an instant messaging ap.

Vinc Vanden Bogaard

Hello, let’s finally do this. It’s not super professional, but at least it’s efficient!

That’s great. Indeed It’ll be easier that way!

Let’s get straight to the point. We’re lining  your very first exhibition up. The idea is to share and describe some of your impressions. What do you feel about it ?

I don’t quite realize. You know, I’m still in art school at La Cambre. I’m super focused on my jury and what I have to do before I graduate! In a few months it’s over! At the same time you have to manage the show, look ahead at the end of the year and already see the future outside of the school.

That’s right, it’s true. So, what does this show mean to you? How do you feel about it?

It’s a challenge, a way to get to the “other side”, to turn pro before your time. It’s a way to fully assume what I want to do later!

What are you going to feature there? Do you have any specific desires about the work you want to show?

 At this moment, my relationship to drawing is extremely important. That’s how I work. All my paintings and ceramics always come from an image. Whether it’s a mental imprint of my thoughts or just an idea, it has to be transcribed on paper. So I’m going to focus on it and mostly  show works on paper.

Yes, it will be a great way to introduce the rest of your and practice!

Yes, I can stay focus on my work on paper and only feature a few ceramics. We’ll see where I’m at then! I have recently started ceramics and I don’t want to show incomplete or too imperfect pieces.

What do you mean, ” where I’m at then “? What about your painting?

Let’s just say that I still need to be alone with my painting. Certainly out of selfishness and expectation. But when you wait so long to unveil your work to the public you don’t want to spoil anything. For painting, I need to regain the same spontaneity as with my work on paper. I need a more accomplished gesture.

So it’s essential to show your work done with pencil and oil stick?

Yes, it is. Moreover, I think that critics and public sensitivity is more spontaneous with drawings than with academic compositions or paintings. As a result, the painting will first be shown to the jury and unveiled later. When I’m ready!  The relation I have with drawing is much older, and therefore more natural!

untitled, Clémence Didion

What about your ceramics?

I’ve always wanted to translate my universe spatially. Ceramics is a bit my crush of the year. It’s not easy to master this art and its techniques but I think it totally complete my work. I’m just starting out and I’ll still have to think about how it will evolve over time. For the show, I’m only going to show a few of them to animate the space and dialogue with people in a different way.

What do you think it adds? Do you already know what you’re going to want to get across

 Yes! I’m pretty confident about the big picture. What I want to share with people is the crazy and absurd side of the language I’m developing. What could be better than a few pieces that occupy the space to immerge the audience?

How would you describe this universe? This world you want to immerge the people ?

Like a kind of parallel world that would come out of my head and out of my studio. A language made of lines and matter that would translate all kinds of thoughts. Anything that stimulates me or makes me vibrate. A wide range of feelings that opens up to the eyes of the audience. You can’t stop at objects for what they are. A bit like Saverino Lucariello: you have to dig out the front and the esotericism. Laughter and the grotesque must be brought to the center of the formal debate.

What’s next? After the public looks? What are you plans ?

I will start by absorbing the audience’s reactions and criticisms to better focus on the painting and how I will develop my imaginary alphabet and its orchestration. After years of living as a hermit, in the studio, I plan to open up to the world and opportunities. I will take the time to plan for the rest of the year and the after-school. Catch my breath to better jump into the void. Then we’ll see. I want things to remain simple and spontaneous, and to complement my schedule in an organic way.

Studio view

And to conclude ?

It is certain that painting, drawing and ceramics will be an integral part of my practice. Whatever the medium or the continuation of my journey, I will continue to express myself creatively.Painting, drawing and ceramics will certainly be an integral part of my practice. Whatever the medium or the continuation of my journey, I will continue to express myself creatively.

Thanks, it was nice talking to you about it! See you soon!

Thank you, see you soon !

Vincent Vanden Bogaard


©Photos Olivia Charles