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14.11.2020 - 14H03 by La peau de l’ours

Chemical States Olivia Descampe

Olivia Descampe never repeats herself. In contrast to the image of their own catalogue, the collagist artist unveils a new pure artistic operation, reinvented in all its phases, based solely on her own instincts. Each of his series seals a floating dream.

Automatic Pilot - 100x70cm

Her creative impulses take her deep inside herself to extract the substantial marrow from it. The Chemical States series is intense and dazzling, like our rare and passionate moments. It would be a mistake to try to make it more complex.

The greatest possible dazzle “to become oneself before dying” is perhaps the chemical state that we all seek.

Aubry Daerden

Each of his series seals a floating dream.

Series of handmade decollage and paint on paper.