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25.03.2018 - 17H27 by La peau de l’ours

Focus On Young Talents Event

We were talking about it in our « Young Talents 2018 » Focus On, the Affordable Art Fair Brussels, that was celebrating the 10th edition between the 15th and 18th March, asked us to choose the 6 emerging talents of their Young Talents corner. Take a look back on a key event for LPDO year…

Alfred Janssens
Alfred Janssens
Disintegrating space from Emily Thomas
Liminal Ecosystem, Unit 2, from Emily Thomas
Disintegrating Space from Emily Thomas
« What's the point of these mud dolls? » and « The mutants » from Safia Hijos
« Two kinds of people » from Safia Hijos
« Especially not love » from Safia Hijos
« The tattoed » from Safia Hijos
Décollages d'Olivia Descampe
 Fishing swings » from Inès Haym-Domange
Liminal Ecosystem, Unit 3, from Emily Thomas
« Politic of Health », Limited Edition of 50 pièces, from Fabrice Hermans
« Politic of Health », série limitée à 50 pièces, de Fabrice Hermans