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4.05.2018 - 20H24 by La peau de l’ours

Focus On Gwendoline Perrigueux

Between concrete, leather, steel and glitter, interview with the stunning Gwendoline Perrigueux in her Parisian studio…

Can you tell us about your life ?

After graduating in visual communication, I decided to continue studying at the Beaux-Arts of Paris. I developed my artistic process during an Erasmus period at the Central Saint Martins (University of the the Arts London).Then I’ve been graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2013 and decided to found the studio “Chezkit” together with Cyril Zarcone and Coline Cuni. “ChezKit” is an art residency where 13 artists can work and exhibit. We also invite young curators to organize exhibition.

After two residency programs, one with the artists’ collective Curry Vavart, an other in the “Manoir de Soisay”, and another in Sweden, I took part in several exhibitions including two at the Perception Park Gallery in Paris and one at the Eric Mouchet Gallery. I have also been invited to take part in the publishing and exhibition project of the collective Born and Die. The show was held in the Under Construction Gallery and Arondit.

Concrete, leather, steel and glitter are entirely part of your work. Where did it all come from?

Through my work, I wonder about the pleasure such as the fun during a party and especially the change of emotional states, shapes and materials. Those materials, that I can find in my daily life, have different properties and allow me to search astonishing mix.

That gives an acidic and girly side to your work but does everything appear like what it is?

In my sculptures, I want to capture moments that make a link between a sense of euphoria and a blues, or even a spleen feeling. I want to create images which express this change of emotional states. This is the way I become aware of some realities. It boosts me every day. So watch out for that adrenaline rush because it can be rough when it stops.

If you have to choose among the five artworks that have been selected for LPDO, which one would you take? Tell us about it…

I would take the “Temps d’arrêt” (downtime) series.

At first glance, it is quite difficult to know if those pieces are related to art or design. This ambivalence is increased in a context where the visitors can touch and even use the works. The difference lies probably in the primary task of the works. If you agree to lean back on one of these cushions, you choose to slow down and to be aware of the moment.

Let’s conclude with your future projects? (Exhibition, new artworks, art residency,…)

This year, with support of  the DRAC Ile-de-France, I’m completing a sculpture and publishing project together with the residency EHPAD in Provins. The project will be shown for my next solo show in Provins from 16th May until 7th July.

I’m also still working on the upcoming shows in the studio ChezKit.