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2.06.2018 - 14H26 by La peau de l’ours

Focus On Julie Susset

After many hours of driving we finally reached Sauve, a village located in the shade of Cévennes (South of France).
It is against this background straight out of a Cézanne’s painting that we met the pretty free Julie Susset.
Interview in a tropical mood

Can you tell us more about you?

My background is a bit odd. I didn’t go to art school but I studied in an International Business school between Bordeaux, London and Brussels. During this period, I travelled to faraway places. After graduating, I decided to live in Paris to focus on the artistic creation. I’ve always been fascinated by the cinema. I worked for six years to promote and broadcast indie movies all around the world. Six years during which I’ve started to paint, draw and photograph more… But I needed more and decided to drop everything to focus completely on my artistic process.

Your studio is full of this energy that we can find in your painting. How do you work?

I paint as I live ! By instinct, spontaneously and pretty free ! There are no plans, no rules (even if I’ve some rituals). Pictures, my own memories and emotions are the starting points. I always listen to music when I’m working. I like the idea of transcribing the current energy (and its rhythm) into a smooth motion, like a dance. I paint as a matter of emergency, in a single motion. It’s really important that everything is ready and within reach ( and in large quantities) to ensure that the movement will not be stopped. I can use my hands and my forearms to achieve the results I want. All my body get involved in the artistic process.

I always listen to music when I’m working. I like the idea of transcribing the current energy into a smooth motion, like a dance.

In your paintings, nature is pervasive, can we see your work as a never-ending series?

I hadn’t seen it like this but I really like the idea! Yes, a never-ending series! But in the broad sense of the topic, not in the sense of setting or landscape. The nature is the visible surface of my paintings but behind the eye-catching color and dreamlike landscape, there is especially the human nature with its variety of feelings.  With the intention of continuing to explore its sensibilities, the series could be endless, but always changing!

You seem to be fascinated by plants, nature and wild landscapes?

YES ! I am and I want to keep this wonder for the beauty of the nature which requires you to be humble. And even if I’m crazy about the energy coming from the city, the feeling of being outside, in touch with the nature is much stronger. Wild landscapes, either unfriendly or heavenly, known or invented remain a source of inspiration.

Let’s conclude with your future projects ? (Exhibitions, new artwoks, art residency,…)

First of all, our great partnership and the exhibition Mix and Match, currently in Brussels. Then in Paris, the group show “Heureux Hasards” and in September the YIA art fair together with ALG Contemporary art, who represents my work in the South of France. But also new projects by the end of this year and of course new paintings ! To be followed…