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9.01.2018 - 15H13 by La peau de l’ours

Focus On Made in Germany

On the 30th November, we organized the pop-up exhibition «Made in Germany» and presented the curatorial selection of our art influencer, Stefan Pollak. A look back on this pop-up exhibition held in the awesome space of the Montoro12 Contemporary Brussels gallery.

The curatorial selection

Stefan Pollak did the curatorial selection “Made in Germany” for La peau de l’ours. Our curator presented a selection of 3 promising artists based in Germany:

The digital artist Marian Luft, the painter Alexandra Wolframm and the visual artist Tímea Oravecz.

Marian Luft

Five artworks of Marian Luft were exhibited, including one of his brand-new creation “A-Shu-No-Go”. A sneaker, iconic shoe of the 2.0 generation, definitely stuck in the remains of an heavy after-party.

Sculpture: A-Shu-No-Go (II), mixed media, 2017
No, No, No (High Five For Low Lives), 2016 / Series Damage Therapy : Monster, Opel, WWW, 2013
Series Damage Therapy : Monster, Opel, WWW, 2013
Alexandra Wolframm

Alexandra Wolframm exhibited four oil on canvas, among which two paintings from the series «Cloud Project» where the artist raises a question about our perception of the natural environment when reality is modified by human interference.

52°16′44″N, 010°30′54″ O (Braunschweig 1), Oil on canvas, 2016 / 52°16′44″N, 010°30′54″ O (Braunschweig 2), Oil on canvas, 2016
Palmthree (Erscheinungen), Oil on canvas, 2017
Untitled (from the series zones of unrest), Oil on canvas, 2009

Born in Hungary, Tímea Oravecz exhibited her “Instant Bags” and the installation “Go Elsewhere, 2014”, an invitation to escape your reality and to rise up towards your dreams.

Instant Bag VIII, Mixed media, 2014 / Instant Bag IX, Mixed media, 2014 / Instant Bag X, Mixed media, 2014 / Instant Bag XI, Mixed media, 2017
Go elsewhere 2014, Mixed media, 2014
Guest Artist

The event was also the opportunity to see again the work of an artist exhibited in a previous curatorial selection, the visual artist Fabrice Hermans.

The visitors could enjoy the awesome work “Cortisone”, a wrecked Citroën 2 CV. A personal artistic statement and a symbol of the human morbid fascination for the car

Life is a never ending stroy, Mixed Media, 2010 / Cortisone, Mixed Media, 2011
Life is a never ending stroy, Mixed Media, 2010
Politic of Health, Aluminum, 2017
Montoro12 Contemporary Brussels

Montoro12 is a contemporary art gallery promoting both emerging as well as internationally known contemporary artists. The gallery opened in 2012, in the center of Rome.

In September 2017, Montoro12 inaugurated its dependence in Brussels’ Sablon district, in Rue de la Régence 67.

Besides the exhibition program, the gallerists Ursula Hawlitschka and Massimo Micucci together with the gallery’s art director Stefan Pollak, aim to discover upcoming talents and to actively contribute to the fertile contemporary art scene of Brussels.

Montoro12 Contemporary Brussels opened its doors to the one-day exhibition “Made in Germany” organized by La peau de l’ours .

Photos : Maxence Dedry