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Focus On Mix and Match

Mix and Match – is an exhibition that is not afraid of assemblages to put together. Gathering the works of Antoine Goudard, Benjamin Ottoz, Gwendoline Perrigueux, Nicolas Pesquier, Julie Susset et Thomas Wattebled. The exhibition aims to present the work of the various artists of my first curatorial selection for La peau de l’ours. This selection will highlight eclectic practices by opposing shapes, colors, materials and ideas, and take the risk of mixing a motley selection of artworks.

Mix and Match Exhibition

Mix and Match – extends the idea of a system built in fashion which seeks to mix different materials and dare to be original. To create her own style, boldly, by following her state of mind. Mix and matchis another way to design the change in the artworks. In something more complex-free relative to the works, the artistic processes but also the exhibition. Why could we not mix artworks only through feeling and instinct? Why would we have to avoid the idea of comparing a sensual sculpture of Gwendoline Perrigueux (Lascive, 2016) with the dreamlike series of Benjamin Ottoz (Serendipity PF-BS 1,2018) and a puzzle completed by force of Thomas Wattebled (Coûte que coûte, 2017). Or to confront a tropical mood painting of Julie Susset (Explore,2017), a reinterpreted painting of Nicolas Pesquier (Neopostpop, 2018) and minimalist drawings of Antoine Goudard (Who’s who,2017).

Why could we not mix artworks only through feeling and instinct?

Mix and Match means all of this: to dare the movement, the combination, the confrontation. Like the mission of a curator who aims to understand a thought, a perspective, an aesthetic approach and to make a link between the artworks, the artist and the public.

With Mix and Match, pleasure will become the central focus of the debate. Just allowing ourselves the intuitive conception of the exhibition by the mood and the game, so that all the aesthetics, conceptual and semantic qualities of the exhibited pieces can glow.


Elodie Bernard

Pictures: Angélique Legeleux