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31.08.2019 - 14H41 by La peau de l’ours

Meet Fabrice Hermans

For the next solo show of Fabrice Hermans, the first one in Brussels, we arranged a private tour of his amazing studio only for you.

Can you tell us a bit more about your background ?

 My father was an artist and I was very young when I knew that’s what I wanted to be. After studying Graphism I started my career as graphic designer. I learned to work with all the materials under different approach. Later I completed a 5 years program at the art academy of Maastricht.

In 2006 I had a problem with my eyes and I could not bear the light. My eyesight was blurred, gray and foggy and I started to draw and write in the dark. I promised to myself that if I can see again one day, I will start making art.

Someone important you meet in your career.

René and Yvette, a very important couple in my life. Rene is known in the fashion industry especially because he is part of the creative behind a big jeans brand. René and Yvette follow my work from the beginning and they’ve always stood with me and advised in my choices.

The car, whole or spare parts, is an important element in your work. Where did it come from?

I grew up with my parents’ beautiful car. Moreover my father had a collection of Citröen. Since I was 12 I used to wash the cars and for a better result I dismantled parts of the car like the car fender of my father’s Citröen  DS.

" I promised to myself that if I can see again one day, I will start making art."

Tell us about a work you want to realize?

 The work isn’t yet realized but already exist in my head and in my heart. This is a long hallway with closed doors on each side, two chairs face to face in the middle and a neon light on the ceiling. Down the hall, two wide doors through witch, when we open it, flows a strong wind which literally hugs you. As if the wind was happy to see you after a long absence. This work is inspired by my multiple hospital stays when I was a child. This wind represents the feeling that I used to have when we left the hospital.

To conclude this interview can you tell us a bit more about the place we are?

This is the place where I grew up. The house and the studio of my father, visual artist and my mother, teacher. A special place characterized by a daily movement between quiet and working period, thinking and doing. This place is influenced by learning, Greek mythology, journey through the art history of Europe, the collection of precious objects and works of art, luxury cars and all of this is engraved in my memory. I came back here lately to enjoy the beauty of the peace and the amazing light from Beekdaelen’s landscape.


Pictures credits: Charlotte Daerden