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22.06.2018 - 15H19 by La peau de l’ours

Nighttime meeting with Aubry Daerden

Evening rumination, Wednesday


« Dear P.,

Finally ! The twilight has thrown its last ray down the bleak alley. One at night. Double locked, the door will dig even deeper the moat that keeps me away from the city’s dictates. The night will be dark and starry, like our story. Discarded cigarettes burn smoothly, like us, in the dark, without being consumed. Just a few more hours to suffer only by myself. Eventually, the day was a crowded loneliness. Don’t see any clue of sorrow. Instead the silence of the night will take me to the cup of my inspiring sources. You know that nothing holds back.

Collector Aubry Daerden

With the full moon, the sky seems to have cleared. The celestial body illuminates the onomatopoeia of Cadine Navarro which I selfishly bought last week. These works bring a childish serenity to my tortured soul. Hypnotics, they take me to an ivory swirl amongst the birches of my childhood garden, where we used to play, so lovely, our foreheads glossy of serenity. Life was full of expectation, happiness was ignorance. Truth was in our joyful screams. However, when La peau de l’ours showed me these paintings, I couldn’t even imagine beauty without tragedy. You will see – these two opened windows allow you to travel through time and space in an aesthetic joy. I can’t wait to know to which flown away birds they will lead you. In the meantime, passers-by can contemplate them from the streets, because as Brassens’ song “La rose, la bouteille et la poignée de main” said : it is one of the worst perversion that keeping an artwork to yourself.

Last night, I refused to drink R.’ champagne to have dinner with our friends T. and L. The curator E. joined us. Without any formal introduction, let me tell you a little bit more about their amazing project even if they would have explained it much better as I would. They have gathered enough different artists to go ahead together under the antithetical banner of Mix and Match. Of course, I find it thoughtless to reduce the Mix and Match to a simple fashion style, a trendy home decoration, or even an art exhibition, regardless the philosophy attached thereto. There is a real dandy’s mind behind this motto that requires a bit of intellectual rumination.

Mix and Match Exhibition

If art must be noble, it has to be a flighty nobility and not a court one.

It should be considered as a paradoxical identity, a quality of mind, with Beauty as the key value, instead of Right. The singular outcome that appears will hit the mystic senses. Where other gallery entertainers would produce a pure art exhibition, tricks or shell game, this Dionysian as well as Apollonian partnership gathers the talent, the passion, the accuracy, the greatness, the intelligence, the poetry and the sensitivity to sublimate the selected artworks through an artistic dialogue. With Mix and Match, La Peau de l’ours is still progressing like a truck with no brakes, breaking down the etiquette and the convention of a market that may seem old-fashioned. If art must be noble, it has to be a flighty nobility and not a court one. I believe they share this vision. I am looking forward to sharing with you and all of those who will have been bold enough to push the doors of the Rivoli Buildings. Art is a meeting place, for oneself and the others.

Monday, I spent the evening with H. in the garden. The night came quickly but it didn’t affect the happiness to talk without effort. He asked me if the artworks were selling well. I didn’t have a clue so I answered that they were selling very well. Now I hope that someone will buy them. It is getting late, I wouldn’t miss the promises at dawn during a sleepy morning. I will write you after having slept, or you will think again that I got fooled! Whatever, I am not of sound mind neither the body. I embrace you.

With all my love,

N. »

Aubry Daerden


Pictures: Angélique Legeleux