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23.02.2019 - 09H36 by La peau de l’ours

Sex on the Beach

Stirred not Shaken

It’s not quite Spring Break, but the palm trees of Julie Susset already drip of psychedelic colors while Agathe Brahami-Ferron’s girls have put their swimsuits on, their faces stretched out towards the sun. These clay-sculpted bodies, gently ironic, find their rightful place in this Floridian exuberance fantasized by the painter.


The first ingredient of this cocktail is the young sculptor Agathe Brahami-Ferron, who recently graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris and its ceramics studio that she has attended a lot, developing an exclusive practice of clay modeling. With great accuracy, her earthenware pieces capture the spirit of the time, revealing the body and its imperfections. Thus, her nymphet in bikini has a few sunburns and enthusiastically shows the red fleece of her underarms.

With great accuracy, her earthenware pieces capture the spirit of the time…

Agathe Brahami-Ferron / The mermaid

At first fascinated by the beach as the only public place where the body is unveiled, the artist seeks to show, with her swimmers, the complex relationship with social norms and the injunction to happiness. More recently, she has worked around tourism and exoticism by making small altars, piles of unusual relics of our holidays.


The visual artist builds an imaginary world of leisure that she enamels like a painter with a pallet of metallic pigments mixed with glaze, in order to obtain watercolor effects, or thicker layers, according to her needs. The rosé of the skin, the freckles and the redness of the cheeks have an extremely touching rendering, and one falls under the spell of its masked-eyes busts, true illustrations in volume, candid and critical reflections of what we are.

« The visual artist builds an imaginary world of leisure … »

The paintings of Julie Susset, with their Caribbean colors, form the other essential element of this sparkling mixture. The series presented is inspired by a luxuriant vegetal world, but the closer you get, the more you can perceive its real subject: pure painting, made of colors and gushing lights.

Sex on the Beach - Exhibition view

In small formats, the artist has experimented less usual colors, such as tans, ochres and browns. We rediscover with renewed pleasure the bright yellow color and the full retinal sensation that it provides. She always works by transparency and superposition in order to create depth, gradually shifting towards clearer shades, seeking by its multiple layers to suggest vaporous and secret atmospheres such as a forest after the rain.


Each pictorial gesture is dynamic, instinctive and deeply joyful. Self-taught artist, Julie Susset oscillates between figuration and abstraction and declares to love this in-between, seeking freedom above all. By the vibration of her colors, the painter allows us to feel the vital energy of a dreamed nature.

Julie Susset oscillates between figuration and abstraction and declares to love this in-between, seeking freedom above all.


Through the savagery of her brushstrokes, she let us penetrate into a jungle of possibilities, a mysterious territory, less literal, but more deeply human, that of emotions. With her compelling need to paint, Julie Susset invites us, too, to travel, through her paintings where the glance wanders, a little drunk with so much exuberance, so much projected life. There is a luminous aesthetic in this exhibition, a certain joy that expresses itself, an exhilaration to live intensely. It may be Spring Break, after all.

Safia Hijos