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La Peau de l'ours

La peau de l’ours

In 1904, André Level, a businessman with a passion for art, founded the La peau de l’ours association with his friends collectors.

They invested in major names of avant-gardist painting, then unknown by the general public

A Community

Art lovers for many years, we have reinvented La peau de l’ours by creating a sales platform dedicated to contemporary art.

La peau de l’ours is a community shaped by a network of art influencers. They are curators, collectors, commissioners or gallery owners and define the curatorial selection of La peau de l’ours.

Laurie Mélotte,

Art Influencers

Every month, we put the spotlight on a key player in the art world, who puts on the role of influencer for La peau de l’ours.

We produce photo essays that allow each of our art influencers to share their artistic vision and explain their selection. Each selection is accompanied by a temporary exhibition of the artists represented by our advisers.

The work of the artists exhibited on the site of La peau de l’ours is accompanied by in-depth visual and written content.

Written into the platform’s DNA, communications are created entirely by our team.

In order to provide a truly bespoke service, we take care of the transport of the artworks towards their buyer.

La peau de l’ours is paid a fixed commission on the sale price of each piece of work, for which it requests no exclusivity.

Thomas Ghaye,

A curatorial selection

More than a century after the foundation of La peau de l’ours, we have chosen this name to pay tribute to this association.

A new community with a clear identity, we present a selection of promising artists and confirmed talents.