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Frequently Asked Question

  • Our Client Service is available from Monday through Saturday from 9 am till 6 pm, and may be contacted:

    • by e-mail at
    • by telephone at +32 493 24 87 53 (cost of a call to a Belgian portable phone).
  • La peau de l’ours has the objective of exhibiting quality works by artists who have a potential for development.

    Each work therefore results from a quality assessment made by an advisor who is a professional in the art world.

  • Are you a professional in the art world? La peau de l’ours is always open to making new acquaintances and we would be thrilled to meet you.

    Please contact us via the e-mail address

  • As we are desirous to constantly provide new works and quality content on our platform, we will be thrilled to meet you.

    In order to contact us, please complete the candidate profile by clicking on the link. All candidates will be interviewed in order to decide whether it is possible to be selected for our platform.

    Each dossier that is selected is subject to personalised monitoring where we will explain to you the entire administrative and logistical process, as well as our quality charter.

  • A platform for the sale of art on line that offers sellers, whether they are art professionals, gallery owners or artists, a specialised channel for dissemination in on-line commerce.

    In depth knowledge of the art market and on-line sales, as well as the support of high-quality partners that allow us to guarantee optimal visibility.

    More than a sales catalogue, we take responsibility for drafting the content and the creation of a personalised page.

    • Interviews and selection of works
    • Drafting of contents and photo work
    • Creation of a personalised page
    • Listing and dissemination
    • Handling of logistics

    In order to offer the best prices to our clients, the commission which is set between La peau de l’ours and the seller, is deducted from the price of the work and La peau de l’ours does not request exclusivity.

  • In general, the seller undertakes to comply with our quality charter and thus to provide a quality service to the purchasers.

    In this connection, within 14 days following receipt of any work, purchasers may inform La peau de l’ours by e-mail sent to the address of any claim concerning the works they have ordered, according to the following criteria:

    • Product not received: the product has not been received by the purchaser.
    • Product not in conformity: the product does not correspond to the product that was ordered.
    • Product damaged: the product received is damaged or broken.

    La peau de l’ours will open an enquiry with the seller in order to inform the seller about this claim.

    The seller must make his/her best efforts to amicably resolve the dispute or the non-conformity.

    Depending on the situation, the dispute may result in either returning the work that was ordered or a reimbursement.

  • No customs duties apply for deliveries within the European Union, thus you will not have to pay customs fees.

    For deliveries outside of the European Union, taxes and other additional costs may be added.

  • La peau de l’ours is very concerned about the quality of the deliveries and takes particular care in organising these deliveries.

    Our platform validates the availability of the work with the artist or the gallery and informs the purchaser of the availability by e-mail.

    La peau de l’ours contacts a professional shipper and takes responsibility for paying for the collection of the work from the seller.

    The seller is responsible for packaging the works according to best practices and according to a well-defined method in order to then entrust it to the shipper.

    You will then receive an e-mail from us informing you of the name of the shipper, the package number, as well as the estimated date of delivery.

    You may contact La peau de l’ours at any time by e-mail at the address with any questions concerning your delivery.

  • Thanks to its delivery chain, La peau de l’ours undertakes to have your object delivered as rapidly as possible and under the best possible conditions.

    For delivery within the European Economic Area (Member Countries of the European Union, as Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein), the timeframes are between 7 and 15 working days.

    For deliveries outside of the European Economic Area, the timeframes are between 21 and 30 working days.

    However, for works that require specialised shipping, the delivery timeframes may vary.

    Be that as it may, you may always request information about your order by means of the e-mail address

  • As the works are stored directly with the artists themselves or may come from galleries, it is possible that between the time the work was put on line and the moment when you selected it, it may no longer be available, as the gallery or the artist has not taken the time to inform us to remove it from the site. This is why, when you validate your order and after entering your payment information, we will verify the availability of the work with the artist or the gallery. You will then receive an e-mail shortly thereafter which will inform you if the work is available. If it is available, the work will be delivered to you and you will be charged for it. If it is not available, your order will be cancelled and you will not be charged, and the work will be removed from the site. We may then recommend a selection of works which are similar to what you had chosen.

  • Every work of art displayed on the site is signed by the artist and is delivered with its certificate of authenticity, as well as an invoice provided by La peau de l’ours. This will assure you of the authenticity of the work.

  • By purchasing on La peau de l’ours, you are ensured that you benefit from the best price.

    The prices are negotiated and set in accordance with the seller. The seller may not sell the work at a price that is lower than the price displayed on La peau de l’ours, regardless of the method of sale chosen.

    In order not to penalise the purchaser, La peau de l’ours is remunerated by a commission set with the seller on the basis of the sales price. Thus this commission is not added to the sales price.

    The shipping costs are not included in the price displayed, but they are visible when the user validates his/her shopping cart, as these change on the basis of the place of delivery.

  • For all purchases of a work made on the La peau de l’ours platform, if the work is within the European Economic Area (a Member Country of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein) and if you are a citizen of this zone, you have a period of 14 days following receipt of the work you ordered to exercise your right of retraction with La peau de l’ours, without having to justify the reason for this or to pay any penalty.

    In order to return a work, you simply need to send an e-mail to La peau de l’ours at the address You will then receive practical instructions to help you return the work.

    For any purchase of a work that is not located in the European Economic Area or if you yourself are not a citizen of this zone, this right of retraction is not applicable.

  • Creating an account on La peau de l’ours gives you access to numerous functionalities.

    First of all, your La peau de l’ours account will give you the possibility to purchase works on the platform and to have these delivered to the address of your choice.

    Also, your account will allow you to create a wish list, to receive personalised selections, to follow the artists and the galleries, and to receive notifications as soon as new works are added.

    Finally, this will give you the possibility to receive our Newsletter in order to keep yourself informed of the new influencers and artists, their new works available on our site, our promotional offers, as well as our events and the latest news about the art world.

  • The objective of La peau de l’ours is to offer you a selection of artists and works that have been subject to scrupulous artistic selection.

    This curation is carried out by influencers and players in the art world who are curators, auctioneers, collectors or gallery owners.

    La peau de l’ours was conceived and designed in order to provide to you a new way to purchase art. More than a catalogue of works, La peau de l’ours offers you a complete experience thanks to its advisors, their inspirations, their discoveries, interviews and, in particular, events.

    Finally, La peau de l’ours provides all of the guarantees and the security that one has the right to expect from a professional on-line site for the sale of art.